CENTER PLUS SA functions since 1989. Founder is Yannis Giotis who remains chairman of the company till today. Supporter of GREENPEACE as well as other ecological and environmental organizations Yannis Giotis, envisioned-and finally he created-a company which through commercial activity indented to give to consumers the possibility to drink CLEAN WATER, breathe CLEAN AIR,  protect their HEALTH and protect the ENVIRONMENT.

With this identity CENTER PLUS SA imports from all over the world and promotes in the Greek market the most up-to-date classic type FILTERS of WATER, products for HEALTH, products for the PROTECTION of ENVIRONMENT as FIREFIGHTING SYSTEMS, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS etc.
The last 8 years CENTER PLUS SA extended activities so in the sector of production as in the sector of exporting the products that produces.
So a line from products as: OLYMPUS WATER FILTERS, Fireplace Heat Blowers under the brand name FasmaTherm, small portable Fire Extinguishers of Aerosol type, Anatomic pillows,  as well as various household appliances, are products that CENTER PLUS SA produces and exports mainly in European countries and America.

The company is certified by IQNet and MIRTEC SA for ISO 9001:2008.